The reason for TIMESLIST is chosen

Multiple project management

The aggregate issue management of multi-project in one place

Chat function

In chat that can be held every team, multi-conference also be realized.

Simple initial setting

Simple initial configuration in the project template.

We start from the problem management

challenges and TO DO are in one place.


now are aggregated into one place parallel activities.


solve consciousness list display to enhance.

Gantt chart

issues related to the visual of.

file management

Share deliverables for each project.

freely control

association and movement of issues and challenges.

one click invitation

easily user invitation with one click.

free user settings

authority also possible for each project.


Supports multi-language and time zone.

peace of mind of security

security and public limited by the double of peace of mind.

Made in JAPAN

System server quality of peace of mind.

waste to zero

work waste and duplication to eliminate the efficient of.

Only from the management administrators to manage , to full participation type of management

Solving fact issues to be, challenges risk that is not actualized, TO DO to be their solution.
Just use in everyday, is a problem in management from the classification of the facts and work attaches to the body naturally.

We can learn as much in use

Facts to be solved "Issues", Issues not occurring "Risks", TO DO which will be a solution for them.
Just use everyday, you will learn issue management naturally, starting with classification of facts and TODO.

And scope of the problem management, the relationship between risk and challenges · TO DO

To minimize the communication costs

Less communication of loss to the habit. strongly support the classification, sharing and organizing
risk and challenges · TO DO.

The important fact, it quickly

In fact, such as risk and challenges, ToDo made and their solutions. Everyone is likely to screen design share of

The decision-making, faster, more accurate

Judgment materials necessary for decision-making in the one place.
the daily changing conditions, a smart communication.

Screen display which can be chosen depending on the time line list

What has been posted to the Timeline, organize to each list.

In its own list, more convenient

In use of the premium plan, standard list (risk, challenge, ToDo, announcements, note) Not only you can create the original list.

Anytime, anywhere

If there is an Internet environment, you can participate from anywhere in the world.
in free time and free place, to the era of management can be.

Design that is based on proven knowledge system

It is proven in the actual project, task management model (Issue Management Model), to comply with the
project management model.

Problem management model (a simplified version)
Issue Management Model (brief version)

Problem management model (full version)
Issue Management Model (full version)

Security and safety

By the access restriction feature encryption and (SSL) IP address, more secure.


IP address restriction function