Issues management of multi-project, on one screen.

multiple projects and organization management business of which it is participating, affiliation (was beginning the task management), you will be aggregated into one place by utilizing TIMESLIST. In team activities
deadline is complicated shorter, risk and challenges · TO DO will provide a common language of the mechanisms and management that are shared by bottom-up from members.

  • Affiliation projects and organizations listed in the left navigation.
    * risks and challenges · TO DO of all the projects, once displayed in the time line.
    * display order also can be set for each user.
    * individual display also possible for each project.
  • Minimum required common language "risk / problem / TO DO" the tab menu to learn with nature management.
  • Right menu which enables and Overview display, the advanced settings of the project.

Timeline to promote the agreement. the
of concurrent activities 'now' in one place.

Just post a discovery risk and challenges · TO DO, you will be able to start the risk management and issues management · TO DO management.

In only be one place input at the time of submission (about 1 minute), there is no difficult settings at all.

Using the timeline, than only project managers to post the problem is not, can all members to participate in the risk management and issues management · TO DO management, deadline issues and TO DO anyone easily conversation format It can lead to resolution before.

  • Easy to post a discovered challenges and TO DO.
    input is one place of the required to post *. The first line is the title, or later second line detail.
    * input items to a minimum, the initial value is set automatically.
  • Automatic reflected in the time line of all members when the post.
    * If the user does not have the notification setting is released, you will be notified by e-mail.

Resolution consciousness list display to enhance. Automatic organize and advanced search of

RISK and ISSUE · TO DO who posted in the timeline, it will be automatically organized into a list.
in organized list you can search in the specified various detailed conditions, such as the person in charge, deadline.

Also, Excel output function issues list is implemented, it is assumed the use of problem list in the actual conference preparation.

  • Powerful list search function.
  • Automatic integration with Timeline.
  • Ready even one minute before the meeting, Excel output function.

* Excel is a registered trademark or trademark in the United States and other countries of Microsoft Corporation.

In chat that can be held every team, multi-conference also be realized.

* 2016 mid-released

  • From the comments of the link function
    * chat conference to the time line list from the chat, to the time line of the challenges and TO DO possible post.
    * The automatic posting to the timeline as "Notice" at the end. Not post can also be set.
  • Automatic member selection function.
    * automatic invite team members to a chat conference (at login). It does not have any human error, such as leakage and mistakes of
  • Timer function to be aware of the time.
    * like a normal conference, chat conference MAX2 hour. Of every 15 minutes can be extended.

Easy Gantt chart look at the before and after. Issues related to the visual of.

* 2016 mid-released

  • Posted risk and challenges · TO DO is, the timeline lists and automatic linking feature.
    * challenge that was posted to the time line is reflected in the Gantt chart, such as the issues that were updated in the Gantt chart is reflected in the list, it will improve the degree of freedom of the problem management.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop feature a Gantt chart.

For each project, and file management to share the artifacts.

In file-sharing capabilities of each project, you can simplify the centralized management and information sharing the interim and completion artifacts. Also, if you want to share to be limited to only the team, you can post as an attachment to individual issues and TO DO.

  • Upload files that can be shared with project members.
  • Drag-and-drop by a file upload function.
  • Attach files to the risk and challenges · TO DO.

Also associated with and moving issues and TO DO, freely control.

And if the risk and challenges · TO DO found in the project to exist alone, you might want to influence or there is a context, to other projects.
also, you can move back and forth association and other project issues and challenges.

  • Automatic association function from the time line.
    * "show the solution" "to decompose the problem" in the time line, the association automatically in post from "post as ○○" from the comments.
  • Before and after the association function of the issues and challenges by the user.
    * Apart from the automatic association, it can be associated with the user.
  • Transfer functions of the challenges to other projects.
    * can be transferred challenges between projects.

Members of other organizations as well, easily user invitation with one click.

Members to participate in the project, you can easily invitation to projects in one click with members of other organizations. If
user who invited is not registered will be registered as the same user account under management of user.

  • All project members can be invited.
    by authority *, you will need an invitation after approval.
  • Simultaneous invitation to a maximum of 10 people.
  • User management on the Notes at the time of invitation. Account with the user (payment person in charge)?
    * payment personnel and account user, it is the user with the highest administrative authority of projects and registered users in the TIMESLIST.

Note 1. If the account to separate the user (payment personnel), you need a user registration before the invitation. Move also possible between the account user after registration.

Note 2. If you have a registered user from the invitation, it will be the invitation of the account user (payment personnel) by the administrator.

Project template that leads to the destination.
simple initial configuration.

In the actual project initialization, phase, task category, priority ranking, such as the status of the stage, setup is surprisingly hard. by the choice of
template, and eliminates the need to think from scratch, will be applied as soon as the beginning is the initial setting. In addition, initial settings can also be customized later.

  • The template close to your organization or project, can be selected from among a plurality.
    * not only the project, it is also available in the field of organizational management.
    * In the case of template not required, please select an individual project. Project will be created in the state without a default.
  • At the input of the project start date, end date, and automatically set the phase.
  • Automatically set the category of risk and challenges · TO DO
  • To the open-close issues, automatically set the status
  • Automatic configuration of the team in the project

User settings to increase the degree of freedom, the authority also to every project.

Not only your own face photos and organization, skills set for each user (to prevent black box of skills) and e-mail notification settings, such as, you can freely customize the settings to suit their own preferences.

  • Users face Photo Settings.
  • Setting of organization.
  • Your own skill set (public-unpublished configurable).
    * search is published skills account user, you can discover and assign the user of skills you want to supplement the project.

It supports multi-language and time zone.
at the same time challenge management in the world.

Agreed with the measures of the problem (TO DO) of the agreement is a common recognition world.
if there is this common understanding, even if different words even in remote areas, you can pile up the resolution of problems. If it is possible to pile up the problems of the resolution, the resolution of the culture and community astride major problem can be reached within the deadline.
* offer plans from the 2016 mid-released English version

  • Set the display language.
    * also in English the display, it can be posted in Japanese.
  • In the time zone settings, it can be the same time, another representation of the remote areas.

Public limit of each security and project a double relief.

And advanced security technology, we will protect the information to double in function of TIMESLIST.

  • A public range setting function of each project, IP restriction feature.
    * If you set the IP address, the project is displayed only when a particular IP.
  • Publication range setting function of the ticket (risk, challenge, every TO DO).
  • Publication range setting function of the personal account.
  • Discovered security update support same day.

All Made in JAPAN. System server quality of
peace of mind.

Management theory, system design and development, all server Made in JAPAN.
is an advanced management theory PMBOK, complements such as CMMI, Issue-Management (task management), which is the entrance of the management design a model based on.
* Issue-Management (task management) model was derived from the principles by the practice of MANAGEMENT's project management.

  • Adopt a management theory that can be applied regardless of the size of the organization and management.
    Issue-Management (task management) model management company: Japan originated.
  • Design concept (management theory) also, system design and development is also made in Japan.
  • Server is also high reliability made in Japan.

* PMBOK is, Project Management Institute, is a registered trademark of Inc..

* CMMI is a registered trademark of at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

Of work waste and duplication to eliminate to efficient.

In TIMESLIST, and we have enhanced every day based on the idea that on the basis of management theory "create an efficient → time". In addition, the Masu now to think also about the ability to dare not implemented in order not deprived of time.

  • In order not to miss a regular TO DO registration issues.
    → prevent the oversight of issues not noticed by the routine of.
  • In order not to message Zokujin of between individuals.
    → challenges and TO DO is to prevent that it is buried without being shared.
  • In order not deprived of mail notification time to everyone.
    → with the required minimum of e-mail notification, it reduces the time that is consumed.
  • In order to not produce the items added or deleted confusion of the list. In
    → necessary items a fixed (charge-deadline-state), it reduces confusion.

Authority setting that corresponds to the large-scale project

Equipped with critical approval functions necessary to the project user. In the appointment of
supporters, reduce the load of paperwork account user.

    Project User Account user
(payment charge)
    member leader manager Owner observer Supporter * 1 account
Browse View of project
Control posts Contributions to the project      
Issues and risk other than the approval
(date change or closed)
Issues approval
(date change or closed)
Risk approval
(date change or closed)
Edit Project Team Edit          
Category phase editing          
Template public          
Change project information        
Remove Project            

Members additional approval of additional charging without
User privileges change      
Change project owner        
Edit User
Members additional approval of the additional charges there
User skills change          
Account Permissions
Adding users and approval of additional charges there
Edit payment information            

* 1 account user by, appointment system.