You can reduce communication cost largely by reducing wasteful or redundant task. Also, though TIMESLIST is just a tool, you can acquire basic skills for realizing target within due by making habit to manage important issues within less hours.

More concretely,

1. You can share with members the habit of managing "Risk", "Issue" and "TODO"without mixing them just by using TIMESLIST.
2. Easy-to-use TIMESLINE is the main display so you can induce member's comment without reducing their motivations.
3. Even when you have several business/projects, you can see the all situation in one TIMELINE.

Please try using to manage your own Issue or TODO.?
We recommend using OS=the latest version of Windows or Mac OS, Browser=the latest version of IE, Chrome, Firefox.
*It works even if it's not the latest version
TIMESLIST is an on-line cloud service. You don't need to download specific software and you can easily use it from the browser of you PC, smart phone or tablet.
It can be controlled from browser in smart phone/tablet.
It's a cloud service so you can't use off-line.
There are post sharing function (Issue/Risk/TODO etc.) and Issue linkage function to calender (i Cal format). Post sharing function can be used with facebook/twitter/LinkedIn/Evernote/Mail for each post.
To use sharing function, click "Project Setting" under the project name on upper left, continue to "Project Information"display from "Setting" menu, check in [public range/IP restriction ? Permit post sharing] and save.
In case you share information with each SNS service, please be very careful since the operating company cannot be responsible for any damage.
You can use post linkage function with calender (iCal format) by clicking User Information ->Mail notification/display setting, then checking in [Calender sharing URL (Issue only)] in [Mail notification/display setting].
Please use obtained Calender URL in your own calender service (Google Calender, Outlook Calender etc.)
Yes, there are.
◆Choosing Facts:「↑」「↓」Keys,「Enter」Key
In both Timeline (Times Tab) and List page(each list tab), you can use 「↑」「↓」 to choose Issues or TODOs. By pressing 「Enter」Key while focusing on Issues or TODOs, you can jump to detailed page of each Issues to verify the detail.
◆Posting Facts:「Ctrl+Enter」Key
When posting new Issues or Comment, you can use 「Ctrl+Enter」Key instead of "Post" button.
If you have an email address, you can sign up. We recommend using mail address of your company/organization.
Mail from TIMESLIST might be sorted as spam. Please look into spam mail and if you find there, please set our address as not spam. If you can't find mail, please re-enter email address in [free sign up].
Standard is 63*63 pixel and we recommend photo that can identify yourself. If you can't prepare standard photo, we recommend using photo of a size of 1:1 ratio.
* By searching [Web Image Trim] on Google, you can find service in which you can adjust image size.
Click account name on upper right and continue to [Current Plan] in [User Information] menu.
Any member with basic/premium plan can add new project.
Main project is the project you use the most as default setting. If you don't change project name when posting Issue or TODO from TIMELINE, it will be automatically posted as main project Issue.
To change the main project, click account name on upper right, go on [User Information] display, choose [Main Project] from items in [Company/Organization] tab.
Please select [Personal Project] and customize by yourself.
Standard is 360*160 pixel and we recommend photo of company/brand logo or one that can share activity image. If you can't prepare standard photo, we recommend using photo of a size of 2.25:1 ratio.
* By searching [Web Image Trim] on Google, you can find service in which you can adjust image size.
Target that can be digitalized is quantitative target and one that can't be digitalized is qualitative target.
ex) Qualitative Target→Improve website into one that is attractive in consumer perspective.
Quantitative Target→Improve website into one that has 1.5 times more sales.
In accordance with the goal of the project, please register at least one.
When posting more important post than one set in here, you need manager's approval.
When it's public, anyone including non-TIMESLIST user can see the TIMELINE display of that project. Please use it when you want to transmit activity content to others. (ex. NPO, Cloud founding)
When posting on that project, there will be icon permitting SNS/mail sharing with one click.
Only contract account user can delete project.
From [Contract Account Management] menu, go to [Project Management] display and delete.
Importance and effect is categorized in 3 steps from A to C. Importance is qualitative and effect is quantitative. Please define/share the categorization of each step for each project.
Importance A: System function is incorrect
Importance B: Operation is incorrect
Importance C: Display is incorrect
Effect A: It affects more than 5 displays
Effect B: It affects more than 3 displays
Effect C: It affects less than 3 displays
Task of Importance B/Effect C=BC
All Issue and TODO posted in TIMES will be displayed in time series.
[TIMES] represents that it's happening somewhere else at the same time so not only one project but all post of Issue and Fact by participants of several projects will be displayed in one time series.
It can't be left blank. It is intentional because by entering PIC/due, Issue or TODO won't be left untouched. Even it's not decided yet, please enter temporal PIC/due.
List is a posted information by category.
Standard list includes [Risk], [Issue], [TODO], [Info] and [Memo]. With premium plan, you can create original list.
Standard 5 lists are prepared based on management perspective.
● [Risk] is a fact that hasn't occurred yet and needs preventive countermeasure with PIC and due. Once occurred, it becomes Issue.
● [Issue] is a fact that already occurred and needs to be solved with PIC and due.
● [TODO] is a task with PIC and due.
● [Info][Memo] are record/information to share before cutting out fact or task.
By posting per [PIC] and [due] between members, you can largely reduce management task and cost.
You can verify on searching display.
Click Issue tab in List and put [Close] in [Status] of search condition.
There are Free, Basic and Premium plan.
Free Plan is for 1 project with up to 10 users and is free.
Basic Plan is multiple project with no limit of users and price is 600JPY/user.
Premium Plan is multiple project with no limit of users, no limit for original list and price is 1200JPY/user.
No. Free user, neither so please use it without worry.
Though we have some request, we don't have in our plan from operation efficiency/production improvement point of view and we ask you to use credit card receipt as a replacement.
It will be credit card payment by contact account user (director of organization or individual).
Also, individual who is the representative can pay for invited members.
You can register payment information from Contract Account Management->Payment Information, and entering credit card information in [Payment Information Display].
Click [You forgot your password?] in login window and there will be message asking [Have you forgotten your password?].
Enter registered email address in [User ID] box and click [send] to have temporal password.
Currently, we only accept contact by mail form.
We back up everyday at designated time and keep data of 7 latest days.
Though we can't say 100%, technology is evolving and we take security check from the third party periodically.
Also, as a countermeasure to the most frequent man-caused information leakage, we limit PIC who have access to information and conduct thorough access management with password.
Clear title will reduce steps of Issue management.
Using negative expression makes it easy to understand.
ex) × About the number of people for quality verification → ○ Not enough people for quality verification
It can be used as agenda of meeting or also as a tool to look back the project after completion/each quarter.
Also, you can share Issue with non-TIMESLIST user and those who are not god at using PC/smart phone.
[Risk]...Fact that hasn't occurred yet and needs preventive countermeasure with PIC and due (Once occurred, it becomes Issue).
[Issue]...Fact already occurred and needs to be solved with PIC and due.
[TODO]...Task with PIC and due,
Please refer to explanation in Think! MANAGEMENT for details.